Friday, December 3, 2010

Leann Tweeden – New Hot Poker Hostess

Friday, December 3, 2010
Leann Tweeden Poker

Hot poker girl from Washington, Leann Tweeden, another popular face on the poker scene for she's one of the hottest poker hostess for television poker shows like the NBC's National Heads-Up Poker Championship and the most recent, Poker After Dark.

Leeann was born and raised in the Washington, DC suburb of Manassas, Virginia. Her dad and brother raced cars and go-karts while growing up, and her uncle was a track announcer, so she was born into a racing family. Leeann graduated from high school in 3 years at the age of 16. Instead of going straight to college, Leeann wanted to follow her dreams of moving to Hollywood and giving modeling and showbiz a shot, and did so at the age of 18. Once there, she was soon cast as a spokes model on Ed McMahon’s famous talent show Star Search, launching her television career.

Then after, Leann Tweeden has started has a very successful hosting and modeling career, in fact, she has been on Fox Sports Network and has covered everything from mainstream and extreme sports to news and entertainment. And considering she's a former Playboy model and FHM cover girl, perfect to be recognized on a list of the hottest poker girls.

Replacing the role of the sweet Argentinian poker girl, Marianela Pereyra who exited on season 3 of PAD, taking the part as the new poker hostess. Poker is not a new venture for Leeann. She was a co-host/exit interviewer on the Mansion Poker Dome Challenge on FSN in 2006, before moving on to NBC's National Heads-Up Poker Championship and Poker After Dark.

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Leann Tweeden PokerLeann Tweeden PokerLeann Tweeden Poker
Leann TweedenLeann TweedenLeann Tweeden


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