Friday, September 3, 2010

Jennifer Leigh – Young Poker Star

Friday, September 3, 2010
Jennicide | Poker Girls

Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh, born August 10th 1983, in Wilmington, Delaware, is one of the most well known female poker players around. She just happens to be young, blond and gorgeous, Jennifer Leigh seems to have it all that's why she is a dream woman for geeks inside and outside the poker world.

Before being known as a professional poker player, Jennifer was a former law student. She was studying philosophy and political science on University of Delaware and was only playing poker completely by chance during that time. She often admitted that she was a nerd when she was growing up. She basically lived her life into video games and computers at her young age but this was the reason why she got into playing poker. She met the younger brother of a professional poker player via chat and online communities and introduced the game poker to Jennifer Leigh.

January 2004, when Jennifer Leigh started to play online poker. Participated on some poker tournaments and was ended up on ranked 47, making her the highest ranked female and the most successful online poker girl. It was her first huge accomplishment in her less than a year playing poker. Since then, Jennifer Leigh's poker career has moved up. She has had five 1st place finishes on PokerStars and over twenty final table appearances. Jennifer is currently focused on playing live tournaments all over the world and pays her own way into tournament games funded by her continuous success on online poker. She had made a great impact to poker considering she was only playing poker for just a short period of time.

Jennifer attributes a lot of her success to the experience she gained while playing online poker and her RPGs she was so addicted to as a young girl. Jennifer has been known to spend a whole day playing 7 to 8 different online tournaments, something she doesn't regret at all as the number of hands she saw and all that she learned made the time worthwhile. Her RPGs have certainly prepared her for the often harsh world of poker tournaments, as a former RPG junkie she use to sit through 48 hour sessions playing that, so long endurance games are nothing new to her.

She got her nickname, “Jennicide” during her young years as a nerd. Being member of some hacking groups. Jennifer used Jennicide as her alias for all the online discussion groups and the name just stuck with her as she made her transition into the world of professional poker.

When Jennifer Leigh is not on the poker tables, she still go playing her favorite video games as well as shopping and traveling. She's definitely one of the most poker player that everyone should keep an eye for. Jennifer Leigh, a young poker star is definitely can have a very successful poker career ahead.

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