Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shana Hiatt - WPT Hostess

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Shanna Hiatt | Girls on Poker

First on the list of girls on poker would be none other than, Shana Hiatt. If you've ever had a glance at World Poker Tour, you may have noticed that she is the beautiful hostess of the whole game. Shana Hiatt is actually not a professional poker player and does in fact stay away from the game, but has had deep roots in the scene since Party Poker picked her up as a spokeswoman.

Shana Hiatt was born on the 17th day of December on the year 1975. She is a professional model and presenter who has appeared in several magazines and TV shows.

Shana Hiatt is the poker girl who hosted the first three seasons of the World Poker Tour. Because of her beauty and attractiveness, she made a very a big role on the success of the show. But its not just the pretty face and a great figure that made her so successful, she also did a great job on making poker players comfortable.

The World Poker Tour featured a weekly poker tournament where the best and most famous professional poker players. Shana Hiatt would interview the players and quickly was noticed by the poker viewing public. As the WPT became a large part of the poker industry, Shana Hiatt became one of the noted poker girl in US. The World Poker Tour was an innovative broadcast, including rare access to the poker competitors. Shana Hiatt was a large part of that, because she would interview players aside from the game play, allowing the players to display their often colorful personalities to the world.

These days, Shana Hiatt's only connection to the poker industry is her occasional online poker game. Given that she has just come through a pregnancy, she still has time at her age to return to the game which first made her famous. With the popularity of poker, it's likely other opportunities will present themselves. Any new outfit looking for name recognition in the poker industry might hire Shana Hiatt to act as their host or presenter. Those poker fans who miss Shana Hiatt can always see her on some magazines and photos online as she still involved in modeling.

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Shana HiattShana HiattShana Hiatt
Shana HiattShana HiattShana Hiatt


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