Friday, August 27, 2010

Beth Shak – Special Poker Player

Friday, August 27, 2010
Beth Shak | Poker Girls

Beth Shak is a very special poker player, bringing some sort of style and elegance to poker. As was known on and off the tables for her energy, contagious smile, style, and grace, as well as for being a ruthless and solid player.

She only played just a couple of years but was gaining respect from other players. Beth has achieved the kind of success that most players can only dream. Beth has already cashed in several major tournaments, including two World Poker Tour events and two World Series of Poker events.

She is not yet a millionaire by her poker games but she still finds the time and resources to get into charity and help others. Her good looks have led many opponents to believe she doesn’t know what she is doing by the table but nothing could be more wrong. She is currently combining her interest in fashion with poker in a most refreshing way!

Beth Shak didn’t show her face at the poker tables till 2005. She got into poker through Full Tilt Poker where she started to play for fun. When she felt that she had mastered the game enough to enter with real money she was surprised by the atmosphere that she met. She said that she felt intimidated by the men around the table and she had to work hard to feel that she was taken serious by the other players. Her good results speak for themselves until her opponents have realized and understand that she is more than just a pretty face but a professional poker player.

It can’t be denied that Beth Shak is aware of her appearance and she does put effort into her looks. One could even say that her stylish clothing and appealing looks is a strategy against the intimidating men around the table. The ones that fall for it miss out on her sharp and solid playing style. She can be aggressive at times but her sunny personality makes up for any toughness and she always plays with grace. She demands the same from her opponents and has called the attention for the need of personal hygiene also by those busy playing professional poker! Her sponsor ship by Full Tilt makes it clear to everyone that she’s got what it takes to make the big events.

Beth Shak is not only a poker pro. She is also a mother and her heart goes out to all children. She is involved in many types of charity work and is a supporter of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has played in many charity poker games and she tries to raise money to anything that she deems worthy. This is a nice inspiration for everyone in the poker elite as well as those who are on their way to join her in the big tournaments!

Since 2005 Beth has supervised to accumulate an amazing allotment of poker accomplishments. In the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies Event she placed 8th. This was her second live tournament so she was truly simply a rookie in the very large league. Even more amazing is her 2nd place in the $3K No Limit Holdem event in the WSOP of 2007. In the Season 5 of the European Tour she was amid the 30 best players. She commenced to bring ahead a latest approach accumulation and her homepage ( presentations how she fastens this concurrently with her poker life in a most creative way!

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Beth ShakBeth ShakBeth Shak
Beth ShakBeth ShakBeth Shak


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