Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lacey Jones - A Poker All-rounder

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Lacey Jones | Poker Girls

Lacey Jones is not just a professional poker player, but she can also be tagged as a model, celebrity and poker hostess. Thus, she's very popular on all over the poker world and no doubt she’s one of the most beautiful girls on poker, as her nickname of “The Poker Barbie” will attest.

This hot poker girl is a proud Texan, from San Antonio, was born in April 9, 1979. Lacey Jones’ parents divorced when she was seven, and when her father moved away to Las Vegas, she remained with her mother and sister in Texas. She got her start in poker during summer vacations at the family home in North Carolina, where they often played various card games to pass the time. Initially though, poker was just her hobby.

As a young girl, Lacey was tall and extremely pretty, so friends and family encouraged her to try modeling. She eventually took their advice and accepted her first modeling job at the age of 10.
She excelled as a model at the age of 16, and she received an offer to go to Hong Kong and Japan. She turned it down on the advice of her father, however, as he suggested that an education was more important. She attended the University of Arizona to study French and Political Science. During her college years, Lacey not only tended bar for extra money, she also sought out any poker home game she could find and honed her skills at the expense of her fellow classmates.

Lacey Jones is already engaged on the game of poker when she was a child. Her family taught her how to play poker during their vacations at her families beach house. Lacey Jones’ passion for poker continued through high school and college, and she soon found herself taking frat boys’ money at the University of Arizona.

Lacey Jones' biggest break was when she first entered the poker scene while playing in a major tournament which was aired on ESPN. She was initially supposed to be a poker model for the tournament and some eye candy, but she played far better than expected. She ended up placing in the tournament and this was the start of her playing career.

After wards, she was approached about a sponsorship deal with Absolute Poker, and she was paired with Mark Self to learn the finer points of the game. The training paid off, and Lacey Jones cashed in three tournaments in 2006. She also started competing in the World Series of Poker in 2005, and she’s been participating every year since. When she plays in the WSOP, Lacey prefers Razz and Seven-Card Stud.

Today, Lacey continues to be a force in the poker world. In 2009, she was a Borgata Poker Spokesmodel for January and September’s Winter Poker Open in Atlantic City. Lacey has also hosted interviews at the 2009 WSOP for ESPN 360, and Bluffmagazine. She even hosted the official kick off party for 2009 World Series of Poker, while also being the official Hostess of the 2009 World Series of Poker Final Table Main Event. November of 2009 brought Lacey to Fox Sports new poker show, Poker2Nite, where she was their roving reporter, interviewing the biggest stars of the poker world.

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Lacey JonesLacey JonesLacey Jones


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