Monday, September 20, 2010

Sabina Gadecki - Sweetest Poker Hostess

Monday, September 20, 2010
sabina gadecki

Sabina Gadecki, a natural born star from her early age, but never dreamed that she would become one of the most respected poker hostess of the World Poker Tour. Born September 28, 1983 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, Gadecki's first language was Polish.

She didn’t begin to speak English until reaching Kindergarten. Coincidentally, she grew up in a house of casual gamblers; her family loved keno, playing the lottery, and even had a poker night at her house when she was a kid.

A very sweet looking girl on poker who replaced Courtney Friel as the poker hostess of The World Poker Tour. There is no sign that Sabina Gadecki plays poker seriously. Sabina was hired to host season 5 of the World Poker Tour, where she brought energy and enthusiasm to her interviews. The Sabina Gadecki poker connection might have ended when she left the WPT in 2006, though we'll update if there is any more Sabina Gadecki poker news.

When Sabina first video auditioned for the Hostess job at the World Poker Tour, she dress up like a Las Vegas tourist – visor, cowboy boots and all. It just so happened that the WPT people loved it and hired her 2 weeks before the 5th season was due to start. CEO Steve Lipscomb said, “We chose Sabina from hundreds of applicants. She emerged as the right fit because of the star qualities she naturally exhibits.”

Sabina Gadecki loves the game of poker and loves her job as the WPT host even more. She has a little knowledge in playing poker but still she's trying to learn more. As A WPT hostess and spokesperson, she has to be more familiar with the game. To help out players and especially the viewers.

Sabina Gadecki hosted the World Poker Tour for only one season before being replaced by Layla Kayleigh. She has since returned to school at Fordham University where she is finishing up her degree. Gadecki continues to pursue her career in show business, attending acting classes and dance studies. She also learning how to become a better poker player, as she is getting some private lessons from poker pro named Gavin Smith.

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Sabina GadeckiSabina GadeckiSabina Gadecki
Sabina GadeckiSabina GadeckiSabina Gadecki


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