Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chantel McNulty – Controversial Poker Hottie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Chantel McNulty | Poker Hotties

Another Texan poker hottie, Chantel McNulty. Born in 1980s, Chantel McNulty was raised in Lake Dallas, Texas. She developed an early interest in poker, in fact, as a teenager, she participated in underground card games in Dallas and even got a fake ID to play in Las Vegas poker tournaments by the name Ashley. This allowed her to play with and observe some of the best poker players in the world.

No doubt that Chantel McNulty is one of the hottest poker players arriving on the poker world and in online poker site in 2006. Probably the most controversial girl in the poker world. Known for her in your face attitude, Chantel got a lot of attention due to her breast implants and various relationships with well known poker players. Her looks has made her one of the most gossiped and talked about girl on poker online.

Chantel McNulty is one of the hottest high limit poker player. Although Chantel’s biggest win during her amateur years was just over $5,000. She might not be able to compete with the top poker players, so can compete with the sexiest women in the world. Chantel McNulty cashed twice in the 2006 WSOP finishing 23rd in the $2,00 Pot Limit Holdem Tournament and finishing 56th in the Ladies No Limit Holdem Tournament.

McNulty has stated that she views poker purely as a business proposition, and she has no desire to still be playing in 20 years. Her goal is to retire from the game within the next 15 years, finish college and then open up her own business.

McNulty’s biggest tournament win so far was during the 2007 Mandalay Bay Poker Championship. In the No-Limit Hold’em Championship event, she finished in 17th place and walked away with $17,490. Prior to that, her largest tournament win was $5,369.

2008 has been a quite year for Chantel, and rumors persist that the controversial poker girl has went bust. Whatever the case, Chantel McNulty is still a topic of debate within the online casino gambling community.

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Chantel McNultyChantel McNultyChantel McNulty
Chantel McNultyChantel McNultyChantel McNulty


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