Friday, August 6, 2010

Kimberly Lansing - Hot Poker Hostess

Friday, August 6, 2010
Kimberly Lansing | Hot Poker Hostess

As the girls on poker are much in demand in a poker world, one woman stands out with her voluptuous vixen personality, witty and competitive outlook, a journalist, a WPT hostess a much recognized poker girl in the poker world – Kimberly Lansing, the real deal from Laguna Hills, California, majored in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California before finding her way into poker.

One the most charming and sexiest poker girl, Kimberly Lansing has been romantically involved with poker player Jim Davenport, who she claims is responsible for teaching her the game. She then went on to write for “US Weekly Magazine”, “the Associated Press”, “People Magazine”, and eventually became a host and reporting correspondent for “ Television”.

This hot poker girl fell in love with poker and was then offered a position as host for OnGame Network’s Poker Classic at the Casino de Barcelona. She then went on to report on the WPT Celebrity Invitational Tournament for People Magazine where WPT noticed her beauty, charm, talent, and passion for poker. WPT hired her as online hostess, a job that sent her around the world doing interviews and reporting on WPT events, boosting the popularity of WPT media coverage simply because people love her.

Kimberly Lansing was seen playing at the WPT Ladies Night event for her first multi-table event ever. Kimberly was in the event for 9 hours and recalls playing against women as being a harder experience than playing against men. Her most notable achievement to date was her 8th place finish at the Commerce Casino WPT Invitational.

Kimberly Lansing served as a video hostess during the WPT's sixth season and towards the end of her run acted as a hostess like Shana Hiatt, Courtney Friel and most recently Amanda Leatherman. And this WPT season 9, Kimberly Lansing will be the first hostess that will also be given the title as anchor which means she will cover each tournament from the starting day all the way to a winner.

However, Kimberly Lansing is not alone in joining the WPT. Next to it were submitted 6 hottest girls on poker that will appear over events bringing information of what happens behind the scenes in the circuit. The new girls of the tour are: Michelle Banzer, Melyssa Grace, Jennifer Haley, Melanie Iglesias, Sunisa Kim and Katrina.

Kimberly Lansing talks about her rejoining in the WPT season 9 as a hostess, “The WPT wanted to revamp the whole show and change it up. They haven’t had the host position in a couple of years and I think they just wanted to add a different dynamic. It felt right because if you look at it, I managed to get to know a lot of poker players and establish friendships with them during Season 6. It was really the perfect fit bringing me back.”

“I’m still doing interviews like I did before and keeping people up to speed on Live Updates. I’ve also been shooting interviews throughout the event for broadcast. We’re trying to give viewers an idea of what happened in the days leading up to the final table.” She continued.

Kimberly Lansing not only had a great career in the poker industry but a great persona that strives her with her beauty and brain to her life.

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Kimberly LansingKimberly LansingKimberly Lansing
Kimberly LansingKimberly LansingKimberly Lansing


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