Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tara Rice – Hot Poker Babe

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Tara Rice Poker

Another hot poker girl to watch out for – Tara Rice, a professional model and actress who was involved in some major poker tournaments. This blonde girl from California has a perfect body measurement of 36-24-34, and stands 5'9”. She's definitely qualifies to be one of the hottest poker babe around.

Tara Rice is not only famous because of her modeling career, but she also became a hot discussion on many online poker forums after appearing on poker tournaments. Playing poker is actually more like a hobby for Tara, especially her favorite No-limit Texas Holdem game. Even she's playing poker for few months only, Tara enrolled in the Legends of Poker Ladies No Limit Tournament way back 2005. Surprisingly, she ranked 35th, which is quite decent for someone with very little poker experience playing in a professional tourney.

Until now, Tara Rice is still playing small tournaments around the country and competes in cash games on a regular basis. In fact, she is an official team member in an online poker community, Bombshell. And for those who doubt her poker skills, they can check her out to bombshellpoker.com and look for her in one of the rooms. Don’t be surprised though if you find out she is much better than you had thought! There are rumors that Tara Rice may be enrolling in a World Series of Poker Tournament, in the coming years. It would be interesting to see how well she would fair against other female pro poker players.

Tara Rice can often be found reporting on or playing poker at all the major events as well as continuing to take part in cash and smaller tournaments. When not seen at the poker tables, Tara Rice prefers to go snowboarding, horse riding and dancing. She also loves to be at home performing her yoga due to she can wear whatever she wants. And if you wonder what she wears? She hinted that she performs yoga while wearing lingerie. This one really makes her a hot poker girl!

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Tara RiceTara RiceTara Rice
Tara RiceTara RiceTara Rice


zenetik said...

Tara Rice is hotter than ever ! :)

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Modelle  Roma said...

I love all dresses dress is gorgeous... She looks so strong and I like the style of the models! Her alluring eyes and amazing body. I really love this photos the dresses are really beautiful

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