Thursday, September 23, 2010

Layla Kayleigh – Exotic Poker Hostess

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Layla Kayleigh

Known for her gorgeous figure and exotic looks, Layla Kayleigh is one of the most popular girls on poker. Layla Kayleigh was born on January 26, 1984, in South London, England. An only child, Layla was raised by her single mother, and the two often had to struggle during Layla’s early years, to the point of living in bad areas and relying on welfare.

Layla became the fourth hostess for the sixth season of The World Poker Tour after Sabina Gadecki. In she which she creates a new category as the WPT hostess – the girl that radiates sex appeal. Not just with her looks, but with her attitude and personality.

Layla's first introduction to the poker world came in 2006. She had received some invitations to play in and host a 2006 charity tournament sponsored by Stuff magazine. She interviewed Jennifer Tilly at the tournament, and the busty actress would spend the next three hours teaching her the basics of the pro game. Her education would continue at the table, as she found herself seated next to the legendary Johnny Chan. Chan showed her a few tricks, and Layla shocked everyone by making the final table of the event.

The World Poker Tour had contacted Layla for potentially hosting the sixth season. Layla went through five auditions, but the job was finally offered to her. She was then sent to a poker camp to learn more about the game, an experience which she has described as “intense.” This was not, however, her first experience with the game.

By 2007, Layla Kayleigh's profile was soaring. She was balancing work as an on-air correspondent for FOX Sport's The Best Damn Sports Show Period as well as The Vegas Insider when she was sent to play in a charity poker tournament sponsored by Stuff magazine. A poker novice, Kayleigh managed to play her way to the head table, infuriating some of the better players but mostly earning respect from the poker powers-that-be, to the extent that Robyn Moder, Executive Vice President of the World Poker Tour studios announced they had signed Kayleigh to host Season VI of the World Poker Tour.

In 2008, it was announced that Layla Kayleigh would not be coming back to host Season VII of the World Poker Tour. While many speculated that she had been fired, Layla cleared up any confusion on her blog.

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Layla KayleighLayla KayleighLayla Kayleigh
Layla KayleighLayla KayleighLayla Kayleigh


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