Friday, November 12, 2010

Michelle Orpe – Stunning Poker Babe

Friday, November 12, 2010
Michelle Orpe Poker

This girl on poker is not a stranger to the poker world for she's involved to the poker scene for more than 5 years now. And we're talking about Michelle Orpe, a multi-talented TV presenter and a favorite face who hosted the European Poker Tour.

Michelle personally loves the game poker and she learned to play it while she was hosting the cult TV show Poker Night Live. Thus, she's not only an excellent poker host but also a formidable poker player at the tables.

She loves playing the game live and proved she could hold her own at the tables when she won her first ever sponsored poker tournament, a qualifier into the European Poker Tour in London at the Victoria Casino. She won her seat out of a field of over 200 players.

Since then she has signed a years sponsorship deal to Purple Lounge, an online poker site, with whom she used to work for as an Affiliate Manager, giving her an insight into the world of poker behind the scenes as well. And since in her sponsorship at Purple Lounge, she played to some prestigious poker tournaments around the world where she has enjoyed much success.

Aside from poker, Michelle Orpe has a real love of games and sports in general, which has seen her trying her hand and enjoying a whole host of exciting sports, such as sky diving, cliff jumping, abseiling and water skiing.

With her bubbly personality and good looks, Michelle Orpe is really one of the most admired girls on poker and still continue making splash with her male admirers, perfect to be named as the Stunning Poker Babe.

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Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe
Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe


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