Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christina Lindley – Super Sexy Poker Pro

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Christina Lindley Poker

Mostly known for her sexy photos on magazines like Maxim and Playboy, but it doesn't mean that she's not serious with the game poker and she's actually a pro. And she's no other than, the super sexy Christina Lindley.

She was first engaged with poker because of her commercial for an online poker site in which she played as the girlfriend of Antonio Esfandiari, a couple of years ago. Since then she started to be more interested on the game. And among the girls on poker, Christina looks up to Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman and Jennifer Tilly.

Because of her interests on poker, especially the No Limit Hold'em game, she started living differently and prepare herself for a poker lifestyle. Christina became active on playing on live tournaments and even joining to online poker games. She started reading books about poker and has been tutored by some of the big names on poker industry. After that, Christina decided to create a team composed of talented girls on poker and she named it TWC.

Christina Lindley made many appearances on the poker industry. She made news in Atlantic City with her play in WSOP Main Even at Harrah's. She was also sponsored by Foxwoods Resort Casino to play in the World Poker Finals 10K No Limit Hold'em Championship where she will be the spokes person and host for several parties and events during the tournament.

Christina Lindley was also requested to play in the World Poker Tour's Celebrity Charity Invitational Legends of Poker, kickoff event at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. She doesn't believed she can make it through to the final table along with her favorite player Annie Duke, and Van Nguyen. Christina was very happy for being part of that successful poker event.

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Christina LindleyChristina LindleyChristina Lindley
Christina LindleyChristina LindleyChristina Lindley


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